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Farmer Camp
Spring Break 2024 & Summer 2024

Looking for a summer camp, where your kids are never going to want to leave? Infinity Farm Issaquah is happy to announce that we were able to open a few more weeks for our 2024 Summer Farmer Camp! We also added a week during Spring Break 2024. 

Farmer Camp is designed for children 3-7 years of age. Children explore what life is like as a farmer by feeding and taking care of animals, gathering eggs, and gardening adventures. Each day is planned for our littlest farmers to be outdoors and experience hands-on opportunities for exploration and growth. Children will discover new things, develop a connection to the farming world, and understand farms' role in their lives.

The Details

Every day is a new adventure at Infinity Farm! Farmers will start their morning by visiting with animals and tending to their needs. They will then transition to farming and gardening activities. The activities that occur in each category change every day. 

For example, gardening time may include:

  • Locating worms.

  • Learning how plants grow.

  • Helping to tend the garden.

  • Planting new things.  

For example, farming time may include:

  • Brushing a cow.

  • Feeding a lamb a bottle

  • Learning why cattle need salt blocks.

  • Hugging an alpaca. 

Time: 9-2 PM
**Needing to drop off earlier?

Infinity Farm is happy to offer extended Farmer Camp hours from 7-2 PM for an additional $180/PER week.

Ages: 3-7 years old

Ratio: 6 Little Farmers: 1 Adult Farmer

$375 Weekly Rate/PER Child
$650 Two Week Rate/PER Child OR One Week Sibling Sign-Up
$1250 Monthly Rate/PER Child OR Two Week Sibling Sign-Up

Farmer Camp Dates

Spring Break

4/8/24 - 4/11/24

Week 1
6/24/24 - 6/27/24

Week 2
7/8/24 - 7/11/24

Week 3
7/15/24 - 7/18/24

Week 4
2/24 - 7/25/24


Week 5
7/29/24 - 8/1/24

Week 6
8/12/24 - 8/15/24 

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Register For Farmer Camp Here

Our team will connect with you within 48 hours of receiving your application. Your PAID invoice reserves your child's place at our 2024 Farmer Camp. 


Email Us!

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