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Volunteer At The Farm

Volunteering is a great way to build community and learn new skills!


We host a wide variety of volunteer opportunities on our farm. From getting your hands dirty in the garden to feeding our animals, building new projects, and supporting us during community events, we are looking for enthusiastic and driven volunteers to join us. Volunteers can also help improve access to fresh produce & products in Issaquah and help us create more inclusive events for our community!

Getting Started

First-time volunteering? Please complete a volunteer application form. Once received, a member of our staff will reach out to you shortly with further instructions.  

All of our volunteer opportunities are a one-time commitment lasting 2-4 hours however, we hope to see you again and again!

Do you have a specific skill or interest to bring to our farm? Please email us directly at

Other Ways To Support Your Favorite Farmers

We are often asked to rescue animals (alpacas, ponies, rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, cats, you name it! We've heard it all!) needing a new home. We wish we could take on every animal but unfortunately, running a farm is very expensive. Then sprinkle in inflation, and it makes our availability slim. At this time, we are unable to accept rescue animals.


We are accepting all forms of donations! Both Paypal donations for the new cow pasture or items from our Amazon Wish List. Please note, we are huge fans of small businesses (obviously)! So visit your local, family-owned stores & vendors! Plus, do not forget about sourcing your local Buy Nothing group.


We gladly accept all donations at our farm stand Monday - Friday, from 10-3 pm. 


Current Needs:

  • Garden Tools

  • Gloves

  • Buckets

  • Safety glasses

  • Painters tape

  • T-Posts

  • Old Fence Boards

  • Chicken wire

  • Chicken treats

  • Fly traps

  • Soccer Balls

  • Dust Pans

  • Large Pitchfork(s)

  • Horse halters

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