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At Infinity Farm, giving back to our community is very important to us. Whether we let others utilize our land for celebrations, host community events or sell our produce to local businesses, community is where we thrive.

As we venture into creating Infinity Farm to be a place where memories are made and captured, we invite you to explore our site, book an event and connect with us and your community.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you visit soon!
                                                                -Infinity Farm-


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Our Story

Dustin & Ciera

Our story isn't traditional, whatever that even means anymore. We don't fit the mold, nor would we ever want to. Some say we don't know how to do life slowly; this pandemic solidifies that statement. We spent most of the quarantine dreaming of our future and eating too many Oreos. Finally, after countless hours of research, endless home tours, and obsessing over specific home designs, we put our dreams on paper, and our future came to life. In August 2020, we escaped city life and purchased our three-acre farm. Overnight it felt like we became farmers, and we love every minute of freedom it has provided us. Our property carries a story from 1904, and we hope to carry on its legacy of teamwork, perseverance, and dreams.  

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